ScalerControl 2 (Midi FX) instruments (no sound) APPLE M1

When I try to load ScalerControl 2 (midi fx) I understands the documentation states the plugin will not output sound but the instruments its meant to control are not outputting sound.
Can someone assist me with this issue?

I tried to follow this tutorial : Scaler 2 - How to Load as an Instrument or MIDI FX in Logic Pro X - YouTube
Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 8.55.29 PM|690x388

Apple M1
Big Sur 11.1
Logic Pro 10.6.1
Scaler 2.2.0

  • Working
  • Not Working

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Hi @BlackAlpha there is an issue with the MiDI FX when using an Apple M1 system, the AU VST and VST3 work normally. But for some reason the MIDI FX is broken.

I don’t know if that is enough of a workaround for now but other format work normally.

We are aware of the issue and working on it.

Thanks for your patience,

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Ok thank you for taking notice of my post.
I understand that the Apple M1 plugin version is still under development,
I’m glad that there is 3 versions of this plugin to use so that
I’m able to work with the instrumental version until the M1 midi fx version is released as that’s what I was looking forward to.
Thanks again for the great support.

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Hello everyone,
I hope this helps you as so far it has helped me but may need more testing,
so far so good, it seems that most of the plugins have not yet been developed fully to work natively for m1 apple chip, as a temporary solution you can run logic through Rosetta.


I no longer have the option to open Logic in Rosetta with the recent Big Sur 11.2.3 update, thus I the Midi FX no longer works…again. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Scaler 2.3.1 update coming this week which will improve M1 compatibility but no MIDI FX fix yet. Strangely Rosetta disappeared for some users with MacOS 11.3. See this article:

Thanks for the heads up. IT WAS WORKING !. Why did they disable Rosetta ?

Welcome @Assassinator77 Not sure but I imagine it’s a legal decision and avoiding potential pitfalls. I am sure MIDI FX will work well enough soon needs everyone to work together. Shame really as its a problem for not being able to transition across to M1 Big Sur for major studios. I also imagine they will update the MacPro on Intel platform thus potentially delaying a fix.

Hey guys,

I responded to a ticket with the info below. After spending an hour on the phone with Apple, this will fix the 11.3 “Open in Rosetta” disappearance:

  1. Go to Finder

  2. Select Go > Go to Folder

  3. Paste the following: /System/Library/CoreServices/

  4. Find Rosetta 2 Updater and double-click

  5. Click “Install”

  6. Uninstall Logic Pro from the Apps folder by dragging it to the trash bin and emptying it

  7. Re-install Logic Pro via the App Store

  8. Go to Finder > Applications > Logic Pro X

  9. Right Click Get info and the “Open in Rosetta” option should be back.


@kwhite003 That’s really useful and interesting! Not sure why how or where but this is great info, have you posted on the MR site?

Hello at all. Is there any news about this problem? I finally bought an MacBook Air M1 and installed Scaler 2.3.1, but there is no sound. If I bypass Scaler, the sound is there…
I can use Scaler as Instrument but I hope it will work soon as Midi FX Plugin too. (I know about open in Rosetta).

Greetings and thanks for all the work.

Hi @smedds

this is still an ongoing issue, the workaround is for now to use it under Rosetta but we hope to get this fixed soon.

Thank you so much. Been without Rosetta for 1-2 months.


MIDI FX from Scaler 2.4.1 still makes problems with Logic Pro arm native. Sound comes true but often a note gets stuck or the reverb from note A hangs longer over B than it should. In “long sounds” you can also hear that if you bypass scaler, the sound is little pitched.