Scalers 2 with UJAM VG using Common Phrases, Style Phrases and Chords

Hi pals

After many tries I found a way to have zillions of amazing riffs using 2 Scaler instances with UJAM Sparkle

All started looking at the Carlos video, but he used just one instance to feed Style Phrases and Chords, while I wanted having one Scaler feeding “Common Phrases” and another Scaler feeding “Style Phrases and Chords” for more variations and here I explain how

Here is the whole picture

The Ableton routing isolated and enlarged

The reason why I was unable to find the correct setting yesterday, is the evil “Stop” button of UJAM Sparkle (also in AAS Strum GS BTW)!

So today I used a MIDI Polysher to block it (the black X), and also to have notes from 1st Scaler don’t hitting the “Chord” area

And now some tips about Scaler settings

With the 1st Scaler feeding “Style Phrases and Chords” you don’t need a particular grouping: all work and introduce different variations :grinning:

To find riffs you need auditing “Performances” and all them work, even arpeggios!

Then you’ll use the MIDI Polysher transposer to move the key ranges back and forward until you listen some cool stuff jumping out

At the same time, with the 2nd Scaler feeding “Chords” you should use the C3-B4 grouping as mentioned by Carlos, then you’ll use the MIDI Polysher transposer to move the key ranges back and forward until you listen some cool stuff, but don’t use Performances with this Scaler instance, because UJAM Sparkle wants just chords here

I was forgetting one important thing about chords in the 2 Scalers

You can use any series of chords for 2nd Scaler, but the chords used in the 1st Scaler can be totally different (even in number) because they just serve to create the swing/syncopation and to change Phrases and Style

Another tip: using Chord (below Phrases) makes riffs more melodic, while Scale makes riffs more aggressive, syncopated

Chords for melodic riffs

Well, I think that’s all for now
If I’ll find other tips I’ll share them later or tomorrow

BTW I still cannot accept Carlos passed away: can you picture him adding useful tips and insight to this post? :cry:

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Thanks fo the input. Unfortunately hard to understand if you are not that deep into it. Would be nice to get a video demonstration on how to use it.

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unfortunately, I am very bad at making videos for an international audience, as you can see here and here

Moeover, I speak English like a German Holstein, so I had to spend too much time to make subtitles manually due to the fact Google Interpreter is very bad at German Holstein speech :cold_face: :rofl:

Anyway, you can see the Carlos video: if you understand it, you just have to duplicate the process adding another couple of Scaler + MIDI polysher and using the latter to transpose and listen, just as I did

I was eventually able to do a video here