Sending output to Native Instruments guitar VSTs - the midi output is trampling on the keyswitches - how can I avoid that?

I’m going through the songs set of chords, and the artists, and sending the chord output to the NI Picked Acoustic VST.

Trouble is some of the lower notes are triggering some special keyswitches and stopping the guitar, or triggering a different pattern etc.
How can I stop the output from Scaler trampling all over the keyswitches of a VST like NI Picked Acoustic?

In this forum post, Jamieh explains how to do it.

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The tricky part is if you want to use those switches to use the various options there. It would be nice if NI allowed you to change the key switch notes to something else. I usually have to get all my patterns rendered to MIDI, edit any notes in that range and then add key switching back in.
There should be a note filter in Logic MIDI FX or the transform environment. For Non Logic DAWs there is the free MIDI Polysher VST [eaReckon - FREEBIES ]

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There is a thread about this just here — Help with using Scaler 2.5 with Native Instruments guitars
Basically you need to filter everything from Scaler below C2. This will depend on the DAW you are using. It’s easy in Ableton Live and Cubase. You can use MIDI Polysher available just here — eaReckon - FREEBIES
The problem lies in if you need to use the key switches.

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I’m in Reaper - its pretty easy to filer out midi actually. I just thought there would be a setting in Scaler

OK, got the filter running, it works now

I think I remember seeing some talk about an option like that for Scaler. Not sure if that is on a list of possibilities or not. If it was in Scaler it would make it easier to use the key switches. My way of working is getting things sounding the way I like then extracting the MIDI from Scaler, edit any notes in the KS zone and then add key switching as a final step.

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In my next video ‘Composing for a Video Game’ I use the voice grouping in scaler and write the keyswitches into midi regions across various NI Session Guitarists. Video premieres on YT 4pm EST Wed Jan 5th.


Using the Guitar Voicing helps keep it in range as well. Depends though some of the expressions. I’ve had a few send an extra note down in the KS range. But using the guitar voicing is what I like to start with.

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thanks look forward to it

It asked a “customized range” for my AAS Strum-GS, to avoid MIDI POlysher, and I think to remember Davide said it was on the road, but it was about 1 hear ago…
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