Simplified expressions and phrases at a glance please

taking advantage by this thread, I have a request

to fix the issue of green notes (those for melodies) overlapped by chord notes (maybe because the rabbit player has a 49 keys keybard only) it would be very convenient the option to simplify expressions and phrases automatically

I try to explain it with my scarce mucical skills :innocent::
I remember that my uncle, a pianobar player, used very often chords made by 2 keys only, so I hope that expressions and phrases can be simplified without jeopardizing ther patterns at the point they are unusable

I hope somebody can understand it

Chords played using only 2 notes, such as the root and the 7th are often called “shell voicings”. Is this what you are asking for? I’m new to Scaler, but often use shell voicings, as well as rootless voicings on the keyboard.


who knows?
I’ve never studied music so I don’t know the precise terminology
I have only a bit of “ear for music” that lets me compose something interesting (quite rarely)
but I play and compose for fun so it desn’t really matter