Sometimes when I use the MIDI Capture to capture my Section C playback, it sounds different in my DAW playback

I’ve run into the situation a few times now. I feel like there is a 99.99% I am missing some detail/setting.

I’ve put together a block of patterns with varying durations, performances, voicings, etc.
I open Pad mode and play all patterns while using the MIDI Capture feature.
I drag the MIDI data to my DAW (still to play using a Scaler2 instrument)
I disable all bindings in Scaler2.
I play the song via my DAW Play button.
MIDI is successfully sent back into Scaler2, and the desired instrument plays back.

Issue: Seemingly more complex MIDI data is not played back exactly like it played in the Section C PadMode player.

In the past I realized I had binding enabled and the MIDI was wreaking havoc by way of key switches and/or trigger notes.

With all bindings disabled though, shouldn’t playback be identical?

I am thoroughly confused as to why this is happening. Are there some common mistakes made like this that you are aware of? Surely I am not the only one missing some detail. What are some things to check?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @OwMyLeg

I have not come across this problem before. Can you give some examples please by recording the midi out from Scaler and comparing the chord in the Scaler block with the recorded midi? A screenshot of the Scaler Main page and the midi item on your DAW would be helpful.

When you have queries about Scaler can you please include your OS and DAW. Without this information it is difficult for anyone to help you.

Given you are new to Scaler and have several queries posted have you seen the on-line Scaler 2 course? I recommend it.

Next time I have the opportunity, I will capture more detail and post it here. I am running FL Studio 21.2 in Windows 11.

As for the course, I was considering the paid course.

I have watched the large majority of the tutorials and workflow videos; some of them up to or more than 3 times.

I am feeling pretty comfortable in Scaler, just working on getting organized and finding workflow suitable to myself and FL Studio. It seems like some of the drag and drop features as well as piping scaler into instruments is a bit less robust in FL than Logic or Ableton. I have figured out how to use Patcher to allow sending midi from Scaler to FLS native VSTs. Also, the lack of drag n drop code block functionality is not a huge issue as the MIDI Capture works fine, aside from the few oddball results like the one I made this thread in regard to.

All that said, it’s a fantastic product and I am completely hooked. Like I said, since my purchase, I’ve been falling asleep every night since Black Friday watching these tutorials over and over LOL. David is great but his voice seems to lull me to sleep more often than not hahahaha.

I have been called soporific before! Would you mind sharing a video of what is happening? It could be many issues, sample rates, routing etc etc but until we hear / see what is going on it is hard to help. I am guessing you have tried dragging the midi into a new channel with a third party VST?

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I figured it out! Although I had my bindings off, I still had some global settings (voicings and key lock).

Somewhat of a happy accident though. It added a bit of character, and could potentially be useful to liven things up later if the main riff becomes stagnant.

Thanks for your progressive willingness to assist.