Staccato chords


I’m very new to Scaler and was wondering is it possible if you have a chord progression created on section C for Scaler to trigger that chord progression in Staccato? If this can be done how would i need to set scaler up for that?

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Hi @Haris773 Did you mean to play them repeatedly? Have you tried going in to EDIT mode and adjust the repeat amount? If you want a staccato feel then you will need to use a sound that is suited to that. There’s a few internal ones in Scaler (Staccato Strings) or you can use any external sound.

Hi Davide,

If you see on this tutorial how the gentleman is playing the chords staccato 3:41 ( can you achieve this same affect without playing it like he is on the piano and configure Scaler to play a chord progression in this manner?

Hi @Haris773

In the video @davide has used Bind to Midi which enables you to play chords with one finger. Instead of playing a keyboard you can use a midi clip to control Scaler (see Using Midi Clips tutorial).

Is that what you are trying to achieve?

Hi @ed66 , thank you for your time. I don’t have a midi controller that I’m using with Scaler. What I wanted to know was how you could achive that the chords are played the way davide played them in that video clip without using any midi controller. What settings under the edit section would you have to change so the chords are played in that broken up way on beat and rhythm.

Hi @Haris773

You don’t need a midi controller, simply program a midi clip into your DAW and you can use that clip, as per the tutorial. Every time a note is triggered in the midi clip the binded block will trigger.

So if your midi clip is two bars long and you program C1 as eight quavers (1/8 notes) followed by D1 as 4 quavers and E1 as 4 quavers, then the first block will be triggered 8 times in bar one, the second block 4 times in bar 2 and the third block 4 times in bar 2.

Alternatively, as @davide suggested you can change the timing of blocks in the EDIT page so that if your default timing is 4 beats for a block, then setting the duration in the playback timing on the EDIT page to 0.25 and repeat to 4 will play a block on every beat (assuming that the default chord duration is 4 beats).


Thank you both very much for this information, I will try this and see how it works out.