It would be great if Scaler work in a stand-alone mode for composing (I realize plug-in is right in the title).
However, the presets or patterns created in stand alone mode would need to be available in plug-in mode.

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This has been addressed here. Search forum for nanohost by Fully solves the standalone issue for free.

Nice but Windows only :frowning:

Opps, I didn’t think about that. Sorry!

welcome @antkn33
Stay tuned there are some big plans there. First we have lots to develop and include in Scaler 2.


There is Blue Cat’s Patchwork that works although not free.
You could use Mainstage on a Mac or Image-Lines MINIHOST MODULAR although it is free it’s never been updated in a long and it always wants to scan your plugins after you haven’t used it in awhile.
Patchwork works great. Low CPU and it host FX as well. Nice little stand alone APP for this.

Np. I found some free au hosts for Mac. Thanks.

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Which ones , if you don’t mind me asking. Always on the look out for interesting things.

There is AU Lab from Apple. It works but is really ugly.
Hosting AU is nice. Not sure if its being updated anymore though.

Please no.

There are tons of affordable ways to run Scaler.

I think the Scaler team should focus on Scaler’s core competencies.

I have been messing with harmony tools like this for years, and I have seen some fail by losing sight of their core competencies, trying to do to much, becoming bloated, etc.

My vote: keep Scaler simple: a tool for exploring chords, harmony, and melody, and generating MIDI output. Focus on making the chord, harmony, and melody features the best.


When I was looking for an easy host I found all of these. I think the best 2 are Blue Cat’s Patchwork and Plugin Alliances Gig Performer. If you find one on sale and they do go on sale, pick one up if you need a host. Both are outstanding.

I totally agree with this. It’s seems so many want this to do everything for them. I love what it is doing now and would like to see that refined. It’s a beautiful addition to any musicians learning. I’d hate to see it bloat out and become unwieldy. Refine it’s core strengths first. The Devs have created an wonderful piece of kit here.


I didn’t really suggest this because I don’t have a host. I use Logic.
I simply meant it would be nice to not have to fire up Logic and create a project to make some chord progressions and such.


do you know that you are killing rabbit composers hidden hopes to use Scaler to compose and play music like The Mother of Invention?

We second your vote!
Scaler needs refinement. The environment needs to be alluring, warm and conducive to creativity. I’d love for us to make it the all encompassing. But I am not interested in that, I want us to make it inspirational. All of us behind scaler have never wanted it to dictate or make things for you, it’s music generative software and the generation comes from the user. We have some really exciting developments for scaler 2 some of which are in internal beta now and due soon. The longer term strategy for us it to make what we have more accessible and more fun.


Everyone might be overthinking this. If you have to also launch a host in order to use Scaler, doesn’t that make the process more "bloated or complicated"? Scaler now has its own sounds (ok, they aren’t as good as 3rd party libraries), so being stand-alone would allow you to sketch out a progression or even a whole song without launching a DAW AND a sound library.

We are certainly not discounting standalone! We can have simplicity, refinement and standalone too!

Right, I was just clarifying my opinion.

Blue Cat’s Patchwork is extremely easy to make it seem like Scaler is stand alone. Open Patchwork>Load Scaler>Save as Preset. Now you can open Patchwork load preset Compose. Download the demo and you’ll see what I mean. Soooo Easy!
And as an added incentive I saw this on the Plugin Boutique site –
Plugin Boutique Scaler user? Email to save 20% off Blue Cat’s Patchwork!

One other pitch for Patchwork as Scaler stand alone. You can save Scaler as the Default so you just open Patchwork and you are ready to go. And Patchwork opens fast!