Text Label for midi should have the chord/notes when dragged into DAW

this link is not working - permissions issue…

Thank you, all fixed now.

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How did you get the Chord Data into Reaper like that?
I have Reaper, I can insert an “empty item” but when I try and paste into that, I just get the first chord’s raw text , and only the 1st chords name. You seem to have an image pasted in there that gives the chord progression in an image format…?

I revised the picture to clarify. You now see the SWS Notes page where I paste the clipboard from Scaler. Then i use the MS snipping tools to capture the images, save to desktop then drag and drop onto a blank track. I admit not the most elegant but I hope to improve on this. I know a guy who is a mad reaper scripter and should be able to improve the process and results shortly. I will update here when we have working a bit better.

ok, I was interested to see the chord-names matching the chord length. As you zoom in/out in the Reaper timeline this length sync will change if its a graphic image I think.

Yes. But be patient I have a guy who I think can do this right for us both. Stay tuned.

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This script will get the chords into Reaper as region chord names:
ReaTrak chords from midi item.lua
You should be writing the chord names as midi marker in the exported chord track same as RapidComposer, MusicLab RealGuitars, Reaper and others.
In the pic the script was run then then item was saved with midi markers, they can then be imported as markers or regions.
View: Toggle show media cues in items (on)

Thanks Muso for the input, but it appears you are suggesting that the developers need to adjust the coding. They are currently swamped! Is there anything we users can do in the mean time to get the needed results? Developers have given us the ability to copy and past the chord names into the clipboard as a text file. Can we do something with that to input into Reaper markers and/or regions?

Yes you should be doable if I can find the copy chords to clipboard button :frowning:
EDIT: found it right click
B maj, C# min, D# dim, E maj, F# min, G# min, A maj
now I’ll see if I can make a script.

The problem is the text won’t give the repeats or duration whereas the script above will give those.

Understood. Scaler’s “copy to clipboard” copies the chords from each “box” separated by a comma. And therefore no indication of how many boxes will be in a single bar.

For this purpose can we assume one chord per bar with the bar marker indicated by a comma in the text file. It would be easy for the user to adjust the text file prior to sending to Reaper if more chords appear in a single bar by moving commas as needed. We can go back to the developers at a later time with a better idea involving “writing the chord names as midi marker in the exported chord track” as you suggest. But for now, could this work as a proof of concept?

Ok here is my first initial efforts at a path forward… I move the Scaler “copy to clipboard” chord names from the clipboard and paste into a .csv file template. There I have to do a little editing to get the names in the right cells and save for import into Reaper. Hey, it is a start!

I think the easiest solution is midi markers

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thanks much for pointing in this direction.

this seems to be the conclusion to this conversation. Reaper can read the "Chord Names when set as Midi Markers in an exported .mid file. This is still a bit obscure to me, however, I believe there is not actual note content in this file, just chord name associated as a marker to each bar/beat. Does that make sense as an option for your development guys?

The objective is simply to document in the DAW the chord chart which has been moved over from Scaler.

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Yes please! this functionality would be so helpful in being more efficient and productive

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+1 for me for this feature

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There are quite a few things to consider here from an implementation perspective vs priority but I like all the thinking and absolutely can see a use. When the dust settles from this first wave I will be sitting down with the team and discussing priorities in terms of features. It is logged and will be discussed. Thank you.


Whoopie, wonderful news. Yes, of course - digesting what you have given us with V2 will take us a good bit of time also. Thanks for the consideration!

This is BY FAR the best thing that could be added to Scaler 2 imho. I just got this plugin, and it is the best tool ever! :smiley:

I used Suggester (standalone app) before, and it supported drag and drop straight into Logic Pro, with the MIDI regions automatically being the name of the chord.

It is must for me to have the chords name when I drug midi clip to the sequencer’s timeline. I work on multi songs over a period of time and it is easy to forget the chords structure of the songs. “Scaler-Chord.mid” text is none functional. Thank you in advance:)