The lighter workflow for Happy Jammer

After many months I have to say that the Keys-Lock feature still doesn’t work for me

Adding the issue of Scaler stealing the few mixer sliders I have and crashing with groups, I ended changing my workflow entirely

Now I use just 1 (one) Scaler instance at a time, in series, for all instruments, and my PC says thanks :grinning::

  1. I drop Scaler in one track and search for a cool series of chords/patterns etc. usually driving AAS Strum GS in Guitar mode and autostrum
  2. When I find a good series, I export the Scaler status and record the MIDI
  3. I drop this MIDI in the track with the accompaniment plugin, usually AAS Strum GS
  4. I use this MIDI to find a proper groove in EZDrums
  5. I use this MIDI to find a proper groove in EZBass

Now is time for the soloes and I have 3 options:

  1. I try the Keys-Lock feature first with the only one Scaler instance I have: if it works it’s done
  2. If it doesn’t work, I deactivate Scaler and try a matching Ableton scale (or 2 in series sometimes): it works almost always
  3. If the solo played with the Ableton scale is unsatisfactory I use my bare hands (a rare occurrence, thankfully)

With this workflow I have no problems up to 8 tracks (and maybe more) with every combination of plugins, and this suggests that it’s just Scaler, or its Keys-Lock feature, that kills my system