The spirit of the ARTISTS list?

The spirit of the ARTISTS list?

I intended to ask whether the musical contents from ARTISTS are actually identical to those from SONGS. A “Yes” would free me from lots of checking. I would check the genre(s) of the artists… of course…?

Then I saw the feature request “Categorize the Artist into styles” back in 2021 (Categorize the Artist into styles). It only got one reply (!?), ten - TEN months later (…), then all others aren’t quite related (…??), and all dated back to 2021 (.). Well.

I might need some new perspectives… Out there, there are curiously-named instrument presets like “ABC” (versus “Universe” which you might easily relates it to sublime pad sounds).

What is the musicality of the ARTISTS list? Do you use it by the names you recognize, only? Or how does it come about- do the artists really put their ideas in according to their own genres? Do I understand it as a list of names, only? Yeah… I should go for the genre check (: … Or, is it like, hey do you want to contribute to the list? You can put in whatever you feel like today. Or whatever you feel most represent you. Or whatever you want to experiment about. Quite a difference you see…

As for the “ABC” preset, it’s made up of “piano” and “orchestra”. Kind of like bread-and-butter in certain context.

Hey @greenybark Not sure If I am answering your thoughts here but the ARTIST banks are separate from the GENRE bank in that they are written by the artists themselves and are a representation of their own stye and genre. Yes we need better categorisation and linking within Scaler which we are working on. Hope that helps somewhat.


:no_mouth: Surely you have answered them all :slightly_smiling_face:.

Additional feature is a bonus :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: