Categorize the Artist into styles

In not knowing many of the composers/producers it would be very helpful to have the style of music category for the artists


I second that suggestion. Even a simple text document available would be helpful. I’ve taken to look up the artist on the internet but this only gives a general idea as some artists use many styles.

This place also confused me. It is rarely used at present


There are several posts about this in the forum already but the basic answer is these names of the sections here are just musical terms that indicated, from top to bottom Slow, less slow, fast, fastest.
It was done so that it has a more musical feel the just calling it Slow, less slow, faster, fastest. As simple as that. Same for the names under each of those categories. Other wise it would just say Program 1, program 2, etc. I’ve said this all along and I’ll say it again - don’t get caught up into what an performances is called, listen to it, feel it. Any one of these can be used for anything. If that said Hip Hop 1, Hip Hop 2 would some people even look at them? Don’t limit yourself to thinking that whatever the category is called is all that you can use it for. It’s all arbitrary in the long run.
My opinion of course from playing music from the eighties till now.

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Of course, different types of music can be matched at will. That’s for sure. However, if the software menu is arbitrary, it will confuse the user. As software, it should be understood as much as possible. Random operation belongs to the user. It’s like color classification. You distinguish between dark and light colors, which confused the painters. It’s better to write red, yellow, blue, black, white, etc. as for random matching, it’s what users should do. In fact, this discussion is meaningless. Because of the performance menu, I rarely use it. I look forward to the changes in scaler 2.5. Enter the chord and select style to generate midi. It’s better to produce intro, chorus and chorus :smiley:

I feel this is an inaccurate analogy. There is no way a painter would be confused by dark and light colors. As I designer myself, light and dark color values are key to designing. Colors are not genres. Colors are the keys and values the same as the notes in music. Thinking that the chords of Em7-Bm-A-F#m are only one specific genre is like saying red, blue and yellow can only be used to paint sunsets.
I understand what you are saying it’s just that getting caught up in these names in Scaler means you are just not using the one key element that creates all music - your own imagination. That is what will make your voice interesting and unique.


That’s right!

And if you look at the several tutorials I posted, in 99% of them I didn’t use a matching style

For example, for this flamenco tune I used an hip-hop style :rofl:

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I agree completely now that I’ve used scaler for all of a week. It certainly is about experimentation and boosting your own creativity so for that the style of another artist doesn’t matter. What a great software product so glad I came across it.


The names are actually quite descriptive in Italian, and have been used in classical music commonly. Knowing some Latin I find these terms apt and intuitive. Could always use Google translate or study classical music to better understand their meaning. I love their poetic and even subjective/emotive character. And since I am someone who likes to exoeriment and find hidden tresures via discovery I wouldn’t want to change this. It makes Scaler more adorable and not so technical and dry like other plugins.

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