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Hello Scaler Forum
Many times in this forum the possibility of an independent Scaler (not Vst or Vsti) has been asked.
Until now I used Nanohost, which was the easiest option, but from now on Pluginboutique
You can download vPlayer 3 for free
I leave the link here: vPlayer 3, Free Utility plugin, Download vPlayer 3 plugin, Free


I started using Savihost, then when to Nanohost, and now I am trying this.
It has a bunch more features than the other 2.
Also, It seems to work fine on windows 10 21H2.
The only strange thing is when you open it, you can only close it by using ctrl+q.
You can’t lick on the x in the upper right corner as you can do with other programs.
But that is no biggie.
Now I have it pinned to my taskbar for easy access.
Thanx for the link.
The Fishman

As I have noted before , I have become a fan of Cantabile
which also has a free version. It supports multiple VST instances, and has very flexible routing.

Looking at the blurb on Plugin Boutique, vPlayer is stated to be limited to 2 instances, but it’s clear from the downloadable version on Digital Brain’s site

that the limit is actually 4.
The PiB text also says that recording is via ReWire, which is a dead protocol, but this isn’t mentioned on the author’s site.
I have edged more towards Cantabile after buying the simplest paid for version (about 70 bucks which apart from all the other features, has great midi processing. It solves the Live problem in not supporting multi-channel midi trivially, and for considerably less than the route suggested by PiB for plugins like Instacomposer (which I quickly abandoned) which was with the Blue Cat Audio product, which doesn’t actually work as advertised.

When I last tried Nanohost, it didn’t appear to support VST3’s, but that might have changed.

Yes yorkeman
Cantabile is better than vPlayer3 and Nanohost. I also know that Cantabile has a free version (and I recommend it anyway). I have the version of Cantabile that you have (about $70), and I also remember that I wrote something similar to this on another occasion. Actually, although I have Nanohost, Cantabile (paid version), I have tried and installed VPlayer3 to test it.
It is free and compared to other things, I thought it was good to indicate it for colleagues who may need it.
Personally, for these tasks, I use Gig Performer 4, which is infinitely better

Yes, indeed you did, when we were discussing the whole multi-channel issue with Live.

I realise that, and it was not my intention in any way to negate the value of that comment; it was the upgrade to add the midi capabilities which led me to Cantabile.
By way of balance to anybody on the board looking at this issue, I should note that Cantabile perhaps has a somewhat larger learning barrier to get over; on a scale from 1 - 10 Nanohost is 0 and I think from initial examination Vplayer 3 maybe 1. So they are the non-brain option if you simply want to fire something up to run Scaler quickly.

I did look at Gig Performer, but it was way over the top for my simple needs.
However, any one interested can look at a comparison at
which shows Gig Performer’s scope vs the other competitors, and it’s perhaps the obvious choice for a serious live performer.

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nice. thank you very much

as explained on their website:

vPlayer is a standalone software developed for quick testing new vst/au instruments without the need to use any DAW.

Now, considering that @jjfagot has multiple DAWs, what’s the use of vPlayer ?
:thinking: :astonished:

I really like VPlayer because it loads vst2&3 and Fx. Also you can just browse for the plugin you want to load. I tried Cantabile, and after scanning my vst folder for over an hour, it crashed.

:astonished: You must have a huge library … Admittedly I only have 139, and Cantabile scans them in less than 2 seconds.

Hola José,
I am a bit out of topic…
I saw that you use Reaper, as I do, so I wonder if you use it with MIDI controllers.
Reaper is not an easy one for this, but I found a solution that works fine with my KORG nanoKontrol2 and AKAI MPD218. So, let me know if you are interested and I’ll share my experience with you. I could not send you a PM.

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Thanks, Miki
I send you a private message.
Configuring my midi controllers in Reaper was not an easy task, but I managed it by learning in the Reaper Mania videos

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Over 1,200 plugins & vsts! Not to mention Kontakt libraries…

:face_with_head_bandage: Wow … respect … hard to get my head round that ! If 20% of them were instruments, and (nowadays) maybe 500+ factory patches per instrument, that’s 120,000 to audition…

It’s a bit much…but I get inspired with new sounds & fx…i follow a lot of music sites, and often end up going for these “no brainer” deals…It adds over the years…

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It’s very counter productive to have that many, especially when it starts impacting performance. Too many options results in creative dissidence. Better to have a few great ones then hundreds of useless ones.
In fact I just went through a cleaned out some I haven’t used since I installed them. And removed demos that have long ago proved useless.

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Yes, it is exact the rerson why I installed Kontakt (to test their african percussion vst) and uninstalled a few minutes after when they offered me 1 gazillion of instruments for 100 bucks (instead of the 2,000 bucks they say it is the “regular” price)

BTW, there is a good african percussion vst that doesn’t use Kontakt and doesn’t cost a kidney?

You do realize you only have to use it for the one instrument you want, right. Just because they offer you don’t need to buy. Use it for the African percussion and be done. You’ll never find a better one.

Another issue that stopped me going on: the West Africa demo worked for a few minutes YUK
too little to understand if I really wanted that plugin

And I had to swallow a (otherwise useless) Native installer + a (otherwise useless) Kontakt player
I admit I have an aversion for the “kontakt” word
:crazy_face: :rofl:

Oh! You’re doing a comedy routine, not really exploring musical instruments. I should have known. Carry on.

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If you’re ever looking for a VST Host for Live Performance there is also Live Professor, which I’ve used on quite a few live shows. I have no idea how well it would host Scaler since that’s not something I am really interested in but the software works very well over all. It however is not free but it’s pretty affordable.