Why is scaler 2 changing my notes?

I have created a loop using the scaler 2 control and a few plugins.

However after a few loops or when i lay out my track, all the notes change and it plays wrong (or not what I recorded or played in)

Please advise - Am i missing something here?

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We really need more info to offer any kind of help.

  • What OS
  • What DAW
  • What are you trying to do
    My first guess is you are somehow feeding MIDI notes played by Scaler back into Scaler without turning off Bind so it is trigger notes with the pattern it already played.

Mac Monetary 12. and Logic Pro (thought I tagged that)

  1. I have selected the chords I want to play in Scaler control on a midi instrument
  2. I then played the desired sequence in from the pattern mode after dragging the chords there
  3. The playback is fine in the normal loop
  4. Then after a few plays, it starts producing some different notes and sounds.
  5. This also happens when I start laying the track out

Note - when playing the notes (same pattern sequence) after the notes have changed, it seems to also sound different (without playback) and the notes just rise in a scale that i have not picked

TIA for any advice!

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Welcome to the Scaler forums.

Is DAW sync on or off when this is happening? That can be a source of confusion.

There are many possible workflows in Scaler. Sometimes DAW sync on is good, other times it’s better to turn it off and use Bound Notes in the Scaler Track. Either way Scaler is great for driving VST-Is.

As far as I know there are no known bugs where Scaler randomly changes a scale.

I’m sure you’ll work out what’s going on. Check the youtube tutorials if you havn’t already watched them.

Are you drag and dropping chords from Scaler on to the same track Scaler is on?

Thanks for the reply.

I just made the pattern of chords required. Then played it in from the pattern as midi, then it played back fine. Now its just jumping all over the place and playing chords and sounds that are not the original I played. However if i close the project and play again its fine for a few loops, until it decides to have a mind of its own and play other chords. Is there a way i can upload a vid of this happening?

Daw sync is off :slight_smile: Yes i have watched the vids, this is really strange. Can i upload a vid of it happening here and link it?

here is a video link :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to say I have no immediate answer to this. Thanks for taking the time to create and upload the video. The developers and other users may have suggestions.

I don’t know your daw and playback sound was a bit difficult to hear so I’m not sure I fully appreciate what’s going wrong here. I was expecting a simple, common issue that I and most of us seem to have run into at one point or another.

I’ll give this another look and some more thought. Perhaps something will occur to me that I’m not seeing. Why is Scaler routed in as MIDI FX? Perhaps that’s a DAW specific setting? In Cubse I just assign the output of Scaler to feed the MIDI input of the target VST-I.

Anyway, sorry to not have a solution for you. I can say this. I’ve never heard of this and, imho, it shouldn’t be happening.

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Yes that is the only way Scaler works in Logic so comparisons to Cubase are not relevant unfortunately.
As far as what is happening here I can’t be sure as I’ve never seen it before unless it’s a Monterey/M1 problem.

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Thanks fo the video and the effort @tarek
This sounds like an issue with M1 Macs running under Monterey whilst using MIDI FX. Whilst there is a fix in the pipeline I suggest you open Logic under Rosetta where it should work perfectly.

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Yes this has fixed it, thanks for the reply. A few points:

  1. A bit disappointed as I just bought Scaler 2 :slight_smile:
  2. I have optimised the new machine with plugins available for the M1 and Ultra chip, so by using rosetta, will this affect my performance and other plugins that were working in logic fine? It seems a bit sad to revert with Rosetta for one plugin!
  3. When is the expected timeline for the fix? Please do keep me personally notified.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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It shouldn’t effect performance and this issue appears to be due to the framework we use and some fixes required from Apple. It affects quite a few developers so everyone is working on it. I use several Macs including M1’s and it affects us also. Frustration is understood!


Thanks - will await your update :slight_smile:

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Also the audio recording (when playing a sound in via a track) does not work, presume this is tied to it? The signal is there, just no notes detected when you hit record. So i had to drag in the audio files onto scaler and its fine.

Any update on this @davide ? Thanks!

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Scaler 2.6 is now available from Plugin Boutique (go to your account / scaler / dropdown men and select 2.6) That has improved some thing but the MIDI FX duplication can still cause problems and still awaiting fixes from Apple (affecting all third party MIDI FX that are coded with the same open source platform). Won’t be affecting audio detection as per your post, are you setting thresholds correctly? Refer to manual and post a video of what you are doing.

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Thanks - can you update this thread when its fixed :slight_smile:

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Any update on this team?

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I have this same issue on logic for a long time. I want to know when a patch is coming for this buggy behaviour. Thanks!