Working with patterns

A pattern is limited to 8 chords it seems. I’m currently working on a song that has 10 chords (or chord changes at least) in the verse - how can I get Scaler to play the whole passage?
I’ve got the first 8 chords in Pattern 1 and then the last 2 in Pattern 2.
I guess this will answer how to play the whole song when the sections are constellated out as patterns.

Hi, I raised the same point here

There is a plan to lift the amount of chords inside a pattern and allow for an unlimited number of patterns in the next iteration of the software. There’s no estimated release date available for that.

For now, you have the right idea, to just chain Patterns together.


Alternatively, just Bind the chords and trigger them manually, or automatically with another piece of software.

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Thanks but how do you chain patterns together?


To select more than one pattern simply drag the mouse across the patterns.

The patterns will now play in sequence.

Having said that @Burner’s suggestion of binding the patterns to midi and using a midi clip is my preferred approah as it gives more control over the playing of teh blocks and patterns. There is a short tutorial here, and there are tutorial videos on YouTube.

Hope this helps.


Consider working in the DAW with DAW Sync off. Up to 64 Chords can be held in One Instance of Scaler. If you bind all the Patterns you can access any chord in that instance of Scaler at any point in the project. If you need more than 64 Chords simply add another instance of Scaler.

I sometimes find it useful to use Key Switches to change patterns rather than binding all the patterns together. This way the same white keys can be used for all chords with a simple key switch to change patterns.

There are many possible ways to work with Scaler. Scaler does not have MIDI Song Position Pointer – and, really, how could it ever? So for patterns of more than eight chords I suggest working with DAW Sync off may be your best option. That is my preferred method. Good luck.

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Thanks for reminding me of this. It could come in handy. So many interesting ways to work in Scaler.

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OK - I think IO can see this - so you are suggesting just having one pattern in the Scaler Pad contain all the chords I want to use in my song and ‘bind’ it so that all chords can be triggered by an individual white key on my controller. Then either paint or play in the changes to the DAW as single key strokes - is that what you mean? If just tried that method and that seem to make sense. Thanks

I think this is another way to say what 1stInversion said … the midi clips being signals from the daw to trigger the chords in Scaler … right? Thanks.


You can use midi clips or a midi keyboard to trigger blocks within a pattern by binding midi. The keys in the range C2 to B2 will trigger the blocks in a pattern

If you bind midi in the PADS page you will also see that the keys C1 to B1 are highlighted in yellow. These keys will switch you between the patterns. There is a short tutorial here on this.

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