WOW this is amazing! Singers for free... well almost ;-)

Also, I typically keep the backup files, project files, and Kontakt files on a regular HDD,
because I do not need the speed and you can get a massive amount of storage.
You can get a 5tb external drive for about $100.

yes, I see, but I prefer they have their own power unit, so I’ll keep the brand

about a regular HDD, I abandoned them since years with no regrets
but my needs in space are way smaller than yours, clearly, and 2 big SSDs + the internal one are all I need

thanks for your tips anyway

then this one might work for you.

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I got a lower price than $119 for Hollywood Singers at when it was on sale. I didn’t buy it.
You need to use a coupon code. Perpetual ones are FORUM and GROUP.
Try both. They can be applied to various products. Also, log in to their Blowouts site for sometimes lower prices.

yes I see, but be careful and compare websites, because today they are selling e.g. Air Music Tech Xpand!2 at 99 USD, while on Plugin Boutique it’s was way lower a few days/weeks ago: discounts vary a lot any day now, regardless of the website :wink:

BTW, buying certain hardwares, you can have Air Music Tech Xpand!2 for free, as in my case :grin:

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OK, I tried Symphonic Choir WordBuilder a bit more. Not easy, but the result is quite fine. I had to improvise because some phonemes are not pronounced as I expected, so with fine tuning, it is better.
The result is this song, in three languages (if someone succeeds to recognize what was sung :grin:)

Should I mention, all chords and melodies (except piano) are done with Scaler 2.6. :slight_smile:

it seems a Carmina Burana electronic version :grin:

but it’s just vocals; I suspect complex sentences could be a nightmare

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One Marcel Proust’s sentence would take 3 months of translating to votox.

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Too bad!
I wanted doing just that :grin: :rofl:

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Isn’t there really an easier way for programmers to know than the current one? You would think that is already possible today.

thanks for suggestion
I acquired a Sabrent Hub USB 3.0 with its power unit and it works well for now
So now I have 4 (instead of 2) 3.0 outputs and I can save SSD life


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Glad to hear you found something that will work for you!
It is nice to be able to turn off the drive when you are not using it.

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From one to four SSD lives saved

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the only problem is that I use one of them to backup, so I must remember to switch it ON at the proper time :grin:

But it’s just to be accustomed to it