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I am using a Mac OS High Sierra. I just bought Scaler and went through the installation process. I then launch Scaler in Garageband and Cubase. It is in Demo mode. I click Apply License and nothing happens. A window should open where you can navigate to the license file. So, I’m stuck in demo mode. I followed the instructions to the letter so I don’t know what the problem is. Anybody got any suggestions?

Thanks and Happy New Tear.

Exact same issue here! Any word on a solution/fix/update?

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Hi @saxon @DrNeil,

Sorry for the delay. I have just checked on my machine, and Scaler is registered properly in GarageBand:

However, I did not register it FROM GarageBand but another DAW.
Once Scaler is registered, it is valid on the whole system. You don’t have to register for each DAW you are using.

Could you try to launch Scaler from another DAW and register your license file from there? Then check in GarageBand if everything works properly.


Hmm, still not working, unfortunately.

Deleted Scaler2, rebooted, re-installed Scaler2, opened a different DAW 1st & saw it was registered. Opened GarageBand & nope - Scaler2’s still in demo mode. The only difference off the top of my head is my email address this mac is connected to is different than the email address I registered Scaler2. Apple can be kinda weird about that. But I dunno, I’m not really much of a “dig into the OS code” sorta chap - so it could easily be anything causing this quirk.

Hi @DrNeil

thanks for the feedback, it should work regardless of the email address you use on your mac.

I have checked against 2 versions of GarageBand and it works here, the software is registered:

  • Garageband 10.3.5 on MacOS Catalina - Intel CPU
  • GarageBand 10.4.1 on MacOS Big Sur - Apple M1

The only thing I remember doing is clicking on a popup when I first loaded Scaler. GarageBand asked me to “Lower Security Settings”, I clicked OK and haven’t had an issue since, it all works great.

Which version of GarageBand are you using? Have you seen the “Lower Security” popup at all?


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GarageBand 10.3.5 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Loaded up a few other DAWs I’m trying out (Ableton, Waveform, etc) & Scaler2 works just fine. But for whatever reason, not GarageBand. It keeps insisting it’s still in evaluation mode.

Decided to go with Ableton & it’s amazin’ what this DAW can do with Scaler2. Was able to throw together a rough mix, on-the-fly, in record time (well, record time for me, anyway). Good stuff!

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I am still holding on to a fix/workaround for this - being able to apply a licence to Scaler 2 in Garageband 10.3.5, under mac OS10.3.6. I doubt it’s simply a case of putting the licence file in a different location, as scaler2 wants me to point to where the licence file is (register a licence file), and this link is not working in the Scaler2 About screen. I have scaler2 working in Reaper on my Mac, so it does run on my system, just not in Garageband where I would use it more. Dang!