Changing songs from MAJOR to MINOR

I recently watched a video by Davin Bennett about changing the chords and notes of a song from major to minor, and vice versa.

It is sometimes not as easy as you might think. I tested this on one of my own “songs” and found it quite difficult and complicated.
Can Scaler help?

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Hi @hummersallad

Scaler is excellent for changing songs from major to minor. This is called modulation and you should use the MOD page.

In response to your query I have uploaded a tutorial on Modulating Progressions from one Key to Another.

I also recommend the on-line Scaler Course has an excellent module on Modulation, where @Tristan explains all the types of modulation very clearly.


Thanks @ed66,

I was actually hoping for a one click solution :grin: And I did try something like you suggested but gave up after a while and did everything manually in Logic. The main reason being that while I could probably fix the chords in Scaler I still had to manually change all the rest of the notes on other tracks.
I will however go through your great tutorial, step by step, as I am sure that there is a lot to learn.
And btw, I bought the Scaler course upon its release but have so far only watched the introduction :blush:
Thanks again!!