Constant Crashes Seem Related to Scaler2

M1 Mac Studio | Rosetta Mode | Scaler 2.7.3

Hi. I’ve been experiencing a fair few DAW crashes and I increasingly get the impression they are down to Scaler2 - this is because Scaler2 is always the first plugin mentioned in the Error Report (see below), and I very rarely seem to have crashes when not using Scaler2. I think the increase in crashes is because it’s now part of my default template.

I said it’s the first plugin listed in the error report - what I’m actually seeing is this, so AGXMetalG13X is first, but I’m not sure that’s a plugin:

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0 AGXMetalG13X 0x7ffa1baf9f04 0x7ffa1b8b5000 + 2379524
1 Scaler2 0x1e0dad5ed juce::NSViewComponentPeer::setNeedsDisplayRectangles() + 3661
2 Scaler2 0x1e0db34cc juce::NSViewComponentPeer::AsyncRepainter::handleAsyncUpdate() + 716
3 Scaler2 0x1e0cf9946 juce::MessageQueue::deliverNextMessage() + 246
4 Scaler2 0x1e0cf980a

As I can’t be 100% sure it’s Scaler2, I wasn’t sure it was worth reporting this, but I’d be interested in taking part in any Beta scheme you have, or at least seeing if a beta version addresses the issue.

Let me know if you want me to send you the crash reports. Thanks.

PS Open GL is off.

Hey @EricJames What happens if you launch natively (non-Rosetta)? There’s an update on Thursday May 25th (2.8) which improves M1 stability but Scaler shouldn’t be causing those issues. Also, as you know there has been something odd about the M1 Studio architecture that has caused some strange behaviour across a range of software.

Hey @davide - thanks. Yes, I agree it would be odd, and so I have not wanted to be too hasty to mention it, but it does always seem to be when I add Scaler2 to a project. However, I know correlation != causation. My first thought was OpenGL because I’ve encountered issues with that on M1 before. I’m also on Monterey … it’s always a risk updating but perhaps it’s time.

I’m pretty sure not all my plugins are compatible yet but I’ll give M1 a go. It’ll probably take me some time to see the effect as the crashes aren’t happening daily (well, recently they have been, but I hope that’s not going to keep happening).

Looking forward to the update!

@davide Well M1 didn’t help! About to try 2.8! :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution to the crashes? I experienced constant crashing when sending more then 4 midi-channels into Scaler. See this post, hope it helps your case.