Copy chord names to clipboard works only in section C

In the browser section (section A) and in the scale explorer section (section B) the copy chord names to clipboard doesn’t work.
Using Windows 10, Live 11, Scaler 2.3.1 VST 3.

Hi @p8guitar

are you sure? It seems to work OK here:

  • Select a Song in Section A
  • Drag lasso over the chords to select the ones I want to extract the name from
  • Right-click on one of the selected chords
  • Click “Copy chord names to clipboard”
  • Paste results where needed

There might be some weird behaviors and/or edge-cases, don’t hesitate to post the step-by-step process you noticed was not working and we will have a closer look.


I did some more testing and I think it is an Ableton Live problem. When I paste from the clipboard to onenote or word for example, it always works. So the chord names get copied to the clipboard every time, that’s fine. But when I want to rename a midi clip in Live, it almost never works with ctrl+V but with the Live menue edit-paste, there is about 50% success.
pasting one chord name works better than pasting three chord names.
Now I think it doesn’t matter if I choose section A, B, or C - it’s quite random when pasting the chord names work. I must admit the testing got quite frustrating after some time, because I cannot see a clear reproducable pattern… :frowning:

I solved it
In principle it doesn’t work, but if you copy the contents of the clipboard into the notepad and then copy again, it works

Nice, you solved it! :grinning:
I didn’t notice that pasting the chord names in Ableton Live always works when you paste it somewhere else before. Which is really strange… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: