Force patterns in 2 preferred octaves possible?

I found that I can use melodies and other Scaler’s patterns to make Strum-GS loops way less boring; a sort of “humanization” that I think can be useful for other tool as well

the problem is that the octaves available in Strum-GS are within the red line ends

now, if one of the pattern’s notes falls outside, it can be even better (while not always) because the loop changes further enriching the sound, but if the note falls on the blue arrows position the loop stops!

there is a way in Ableton to stop Scaler using those 2 forbidden buttons?

and possibly a way to force Scaler using the same octaves of Strum-GS (or other tools)?

I tried this octave remapper rack

but it shrink the pattern in 1 (one) octave only; I am unable to transform it in a “2 octaves remapper”, but even if I was, I am unsure it’s the best option

so far, the best workaround I found is using an Ableton scale identical to the one in Scaler,

then I try to understand the offending notes and I deselect the matching position in the matrix (the 2 red crosses), but I have to repeat the process for every pattern so it’s less then ideal

do you have any suggestions?

P.S: maybe this addendum will appear in Scaler in the future?

Yes, there is a free midi chord mapping program, but I will have to remember the name of it… ok, yes… Polysher?

I believe the spelling is correct… search the forum. Hopefully that might work for you.

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Also, since you are in Ableton you can just use one of the MIDI pitch transpose plugins and at the bottom you can set the low and high range of the notes passed through. Leave the pitch transpose set to zero.

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thank to both

I’ll check the tool mentioned by Living :grinning:

and about Jamieh suggestion, the pitch alone is not enough

a chain of pitches is needed and MAYBE (not totally sure) I found a way to have my preferred 2 and 1/2 octaves editing the octave remapper rack

here is the picture of the standard 1 octave chain

while here you see the edited 2 and 1/2 octaves chain

as you can see, I changed the central green/white bar ONLY:
the 1 octave setup has the green bar shorter and too much on the right
the 2 and 1/2 octaves has the green bar longer and more on the left

I AM UNSURE this is the right way to edit the mapper, so any suggestion is welcomed

even the position of central green bar changes the behaviour of remapping, in a comfortable and easy WYSIWYG way

I left untouched all knobs of the pitches
and I think the name of octaves in blues squares is informative only, so they can be ignored

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This is also a very good way of doing it in Live. Live lets you map things in many different ways. The Pitch transpose plugin works if you just need to simply shave off the bottom and or the top notes passed a certain point. i.e. say you don’t want any notes effected below 63 you can just set the range for the lowest note passed is 63. I do like that chain method you showed and do oft times forget about it. Nice to be reminded.

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BTW, it seems this forum is well indexed by Google
we will be all famed by now