Got verse chord sequence in DAW, can Scaler be added & used to suggest Chorus, bridge chords etc .. How?

Hi Guys,

I have alot of started projects with say an intro / verse chord sequence. I would like to develop the project using SCALER 2 which I have had for a while but only started using.

So is it possible to add the initial verse chord sequence I did into Scaler and from there get Scaler to suggest potential Chorus, Bridge chord sequences? ( I realise Scaler will not specify CHORUS or BRIDGE etc ), so alt chord sequences that could be used as a chorus, bridge etc.

As a Scaler beginner I would appreciate your direction on this + if there are any vid tutes showing this process.

I did find a tute building a project from an initial MELODY LINE:

But for our band I tend to kickstart a project with chord sequences and the vocalist then uses that base to do melodies and lyrics.

Hope all this makes sense
Aidan … Cork, Ireland

Hi Aiden,

Welcome to the forum.

To add the initial chord sequence into Scaler you need to use the DETECT function

Then just drag your clip onto the middle of Scaler (note you can detect either midi or audio clips). Scaler will open a dialogue confirming you want to replace the existing sequence in Section A with your new clip.

Click on “YES” and your new clip will appear in Section A (note this does not affect any chords you have in Section C). Scaler will also display a selection of suggested scales for your detected clip, the topmost being the most likely scale.

If you then select a scale from the suggested list of scales you could try using the SUGGEST dialogue in Section B to create sequences for the chorus, bridge, or even a different verse.

For the sequence in my example I have chosen the E Locrian scale from Scaler’s suggestions

If I now click on the suggest button Scaler

will suggest a series of chords from which I can pick a chord for the first block

Note that these are chords that scaler’s algorithm suggests may fit the selected scale. They are not necessarily from your chosen scale. But by clicking on the TONAL button

I can select PER SCALE and get diatonic chords from my chosen scale.

Note that every time you click on the SUGGEST button you may get a new sequence of chords.

I can now drag these into my pattern.

Another approach may be to use some chords (say the first two) from your pattern by dragging them into Section C and then using the SUGGEST function.

Finally if you want to keep the harmonic structure of your chords, but just change one or two to an extension (7th, 9th, sus2 etc.) you can do this either on the MAIN page or the CHORDS page, which will give you a greater selection of variations (see links below).

Secondary dominants may be found on the MOD page

Here are some tutorials that may helps you:

Introduction to CHORD Variations

Searching for Chord Variations and Extensions

The Chord Page: Inversions

Finding Secondary Dominants

Also check out the on-line Scaler course on School of Synthesis

Hope this helps

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Thanking you @ed66 … much appreciate the comprehensive detail and pics. That gets me on the road now.

Our band is called COLOURTIDE - been a project since early 90s. Same members, though scattered across world, so use cloud to swap projects. Currently writing new material with about 10 potential “starts” of projects / songs we have short listed. We big into the synthwave, what I call new 80s sound - eg Cannons, FM84, The Midnight, The 1975 … that kind of thing.

We use Cakewalk by Bandlab, Reaper and some members use protools ( Drummer )

Glad to help. You may also want to look at the MOD page options of MODAL INTERCHANGE, MEDIANTS and NEO-RIEMANNIAN options.

Best of luck with the music.