Is scaler able to do this


the only thing i need scaler for is to be able to: if i give to it chord names, to create voicings and connects them. You say yes maybe, but is it able to do Jazz drop 2, 3 or 2+4 voicings? And what if i found that the voicing of cmaj7 needs to have note e on top, can i change it there and it will connect all other chords close to each other like in voice leading ? :slight_smile:

thank you so much. There is chord track in cubase, but i tried it and sometimes the chord doesnt have 3rd, sometimes if you say to play G9 chord there is missing 7th and thats mistake in case of jazz theory where there must be 3rd and 7th inside.


If you go into β€œChord” mode, you can edit every chord of the C section on the virtual keyboard: which notes you want to be played, the velocity of every single note. So yes, you can pretty much drop every note you want.

Hi @Petr

Here are some tutorials that may help you

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Hope these help