Moving Scaler chords in EzKeys

here we discussed the way to move chords from EzKeys in Scaler, but the other way is interesting as well, even more interesting, and super easy:

  1. Manipulate a series of chords in Scaler
  2. Record that series of chords in Scaler using the recorder in Section C
  3. Drag & drop the MIDI in Ezkeys
  4. Put in loop the series of chords in EzKeys
  5. Try all your EzKeys stuff (that is in the browser) :smiley:

Never thought about trying in THAT way, good idea. Will try!

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What is the award for having suggested a trick the Boss didn’t know?

For a “rabbit” :rabbit: composer? a carrot :carrot:, of course.

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Why I didn’t call myself Gold Rabbit?

And here is the output with Scaler 2 + Ezkeys + AAS Strum GS + EzBass + EzDrummer

Record a series of chords (Scaler-State_2021-02-13_011323.xml (6.8 KB) in Scaler using the recorder in Section C (I plucked chords by hand)
drag & drop the MIDI in Ezkeys
apply an Ezkeys pattern: I think it was a rock one, and here is the result EZkeys song.mid (10.8 KB)
put AAS Strum GS in “Guitar mode”
create an arpeggio using 4 different AAS Strum GS riffs from this set
(I don’t remember if I used exactly the riffs the red lines point to)

and here is the result Pop Arp 3 115-bpm B.mid (3.8 KB)

set AAS Strum GS to receive chords from Ezkeys

This way AAS Strum GS follows Ezkeys automatically, but sometimes the arpeggio is wrong or stops, likely because AAS Strum GS is unable to recognize certain odd chords, and I am usually unwilling to edit anything

then I added EzBass (fed by the Ezkeys MIDI) and EzDrummer

What do you mean “try all your stuff in the browser.”? What browser?

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I mean the browser of EzKeys with tons of patterns inside :smiley:
They can be applied one after one, until you hear your preferred one
then click on Replace, and you’ll be able to drag & drop it elsewhere

BTW, “elsewhere” means that the MIDI can be placed in any plugin that lets you drag a MIDI, so I suppose this workflow can apply to many others

I just found that one step can be skipped!
Here is the alternative work-flow

  1. Manipulate a series of chords in Scaler’s Section C and select all them with the lasso
  2. Drag & drop the series of chords in Ezkeys
    The only drawback of this alternative workflow is that you have to set manually the song-key
    but the advantage is that you spare the time needed to record
    then go on as previously explained
  3. Put in loop the series of chords in EzKeys
  4. Try all your EzKeys stuff (that is in the browser)

In Studio One you can’t drop midi from a track into EZkeys. You can record it in by putting it on the track and hit record in EZkeys while playing.

I can drop midi from EZkeys to EZbass ok by opening both windows at the same time.

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I think I can do it in Ableton as well, but I was referring to a way to skip recording in Scaler’s Section C… :wink:

The good thing using open plugins, is that there are different ways to reach the same result


You can use ezkeys (i dont use always) and you can use Nora Arp too,Nora is a little bit better for grooving.In Ezkeys you need to be careful about preset sessions including bridge,verse etc.Use them from same folders.

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thanks for your suggestion
I had Nora, and even if I used it to produce some nice vibe, I don’t like it
moreover, the project is dead