Octaves and invertions in Edit mode doesent work?

Hello Scaler, my first post.
I have just been operating Scaler for a couple of weeks. Beautyful machine but…

Im having trouble with voicings, especially the octaves and the invertions in editmode.
I can hear the differens when trying the chords, but then there is no differens when playing.
Also, i dont really get the hang on the voicings when alternating between Dynamic and Open voicing, the outcome can be totaly diffrent. Maby because ther is some changes in ocyaves or invertions, that i could not detect when trying out, but comes to work differently according to the choice of voicing.

Might this be a bug, or is it me just dont understanding the functions?

Kind regards

Hi @Jiron_Sweden

Welcome to the forum.

Inversions, changing the pitch of a chord by octaves and finding variations can all be done using the CHORD page.

Here are some tutorials that may helps you:

Introduction to CHORD Variations

Searching for Chord Variations and Extensions

The Chord Page: Inversions

Also check out the on-line Scaler course on School of Synthesis

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When you say

can you give an example, please?