Producertech Scaler & Maschine Jam Tutorials

I don’t see any mention of the Producer Tech Scaler tutorials here…
Producer’s Guide to Scaler 1 AND Producer’s Guide to Scaler 2 are great resources.

There is also the Complete Guide to Maschine Jam.

This will help you fully utilize Jam’s performance features.
Scaler and PluginGuru Unify with Maschine Jam is an amazing combination.
What Jam can do -is ridiculous.
Rob gives you everything but the Unify tutorials in one stop.

His Beginner’s & Advanced Guide to Music Theory for Producers also work
well with this collection.

I’m surprised to see no mention of this caliber of tutorials for Scaler here.
Are there any other oracles we might have missed out there?

Thanks for sharing this!

The remarkable thing about Maschine Jam is that it is quite a capable midi controller beyond just with the NI Maschine software. There are terrific templates for using it in Ableton and Bitwig as a controller, similar to the Novation Launchpads or the Ableton Push. It is very programmable, to the point where you could map the pads on the Maschine Jam to the chords in the Scaler section C matrix. If anyone is interested in that mapping template, let me know.

I’m interested… :slight_smile:
Feel free to elaborate on mappping the pads on the Maschine Jam to the chords in the Scaler section C matrix

I’m so impressed with jam, I’m ordering another one for a backup.

thank You!

I have the Guide to Scaler 2 from Producer Tech, I bought it bundled with Scaler 2 from Plug In Boutique. It was very helpful in getting up to speed. Since then David has released quite a few more tutorials for free however so I’m not sure I would say it’s as much of a necessity as it was when I got Scaler 2 right after it was released.

I also got the music theory courses but I found those less useful. That might just be because I’m not into making electronic music or pop. But I find the Thinkspace courses to be much more useful for music theory. I think Rob and Producertech are great. I don’t mean it as a slam against them, just that I got more out of the Thinkspace classes.

Just my opinion.

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Thanks for the tip.

All the short courses here look good…

I also bought the Scaler 2 bundle with the Scaler 2 Producer Tech training. I like the way Rob teaches and he is very knowledgeable on Scaler 2 but I am having a problem following his class. I am brand new to Scaler 2 so this could all be something I am doing wrong. I haave Scaler 2 V 2.3.1

When he gets to the 5th module and starts to use the Perform options my menus are not the same as what he is showing. They are similar but the items are organized differently. From that point on there are more and more things that dont match. When he gets to Playback Performances my screen says Group and the option is global which is nothing like what he shows in the class.

I dont know whether the menus and options changed in this newest version, if I am doing something wrong or if the training class is out dated. I even restarted the class from the beginning to see if I could figure out what the problem is.

Can someone please let me know how to fix this ?

I haven’t watches Rob’s course on Scaler in quite some time. Probably over a year? My guess is that he has not updated the video course to match the changes within Scaler 2. There have been at least 2 or maybe 3 fairly significant updates to Scaler 2 since it first came out and I’m fairly certain that Rob’s course was done using either the first release or fairly shortly there after. If he hasn’t gone back and reshot the course then I’m sure it’s out of date and that is what you’re seeing. Over all it’s a good thing, it shows you just how much work has been done on Scaler 2 since it was introduced and all of those updates have been free to existing users. The downside of course is that Rob’s course is a bit out of date and anyone watching it will have to interpret what he is showing you to what the UI currently looks like. I would say watch the course and then go and watch all the videos David from the Scaler team has produced which will show you a ton of info as well. I suspect even some of those are probably out of date with the current Scaler 2 UI. Given the amount of time and effort it takes to make such videos I think it’s understandable why Rob has not remade his course. That would be a lot of effort and it could all change again in just a few months.

I watched several of the videos you suggested and Scaler has added lots of new features and redone the menus a lot since V 2.0. They have really added a lot of great capability.

Thanks for your help !!

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I have tried several times and this course is useless !
What he is showing just doesn’t work in Scaler2.2
I understand that it is difficult and expensive to produce a new course but they should not be selling it as training bundled with Scaler 2.2

Well maybe write to Rob at Producer Tech and ask for a refund or maybe he’ll at least give you a store credit or something. Never hurts to ask politely. And at least they’ll know that you found the course unhelpful.

That feedback is prolly best addressed to pluginboutique, I’ll pass it on.