Scalar 2 - Black Empty Window with Cakewalk

I purchased Scalar 2 this morning (July 24th) and installed it in the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab…I created a simple chord progression, copied it to a track and minimized Scalar 2 in order to copy the track. When I went open Scalar again, it first appeared with a totally white screen which I then minimized and reopened again with a totally black screen. I closed Cakewalk and reopened it and then opened Scalar on the track I had made before and it opened to the splash screen and then to the black screen.
Please let me know when you develop a fix for this problem. It is distressing at the least.

Are you using Scaler 2.09? And Bandlab are you using the Early access or the most recent full build?

In addition, did you have any version of Scaler installed prior to the after purchase install yesterday?

Also which version of Scaler are you using in Cakewalk? 32bit, 64 bit VST2, VST3?

I’m using the latest version of cakewalk (version 2020.05, build 039, 64-bit). I never had a previous version of Scalar (so no uninstall conflicts) and I am using the most recent version (2.09. vst3, 64-bit). To make sure, I uninstalled my current version and reinstalled it. This seemed to solve the problem. Not sure why, but it worked so far. I will let you know if the black screen issue happens again,

Thanks for the quick response!

I am having the same problem in Sonar. Scalar 2.0 was working fine last week, now I get a black screen. I have rebooted the PC, updated to Scalar 2.1, rescanned plugins, and updated the Scalar settings file so it looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

For some reason the post was cut off. Here’s the rest of the settings file:

When I post the settings file, it gets cut off. I added this line:

Hi @Jazzguy

You can disable OpenGLRendering from the ScalerSettings application.

  • MacOS:
    • Press CMD+Space to open the Spotlight Search and type “ ScalerSettings
  • Windows:
    • Press the Windows key to open the search and type “ ScalerSettings

Go to the Help page and click “Turn OFF OpenGL”:

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