Scaler 2.2 Workflow tips, tricks and concepts

Greetings Scaler users,

There are so many ways to use Scaler. Let’s share our tips, discoveries, and workflow concepts.

I’ve been following the tutorial videos and I’ve read the Operations Manual. Using Scaler in the DAW (Cubase Pro 10.0.6) with DAW Sync Off is what I’m gravitating towards, but I think using it in other ways is completely fine. I’m not convinced I have the best workflow concept for it yet, and, that may be also somewhat DAW dependent.

Anyway, maybe we can post ideas here to help each other get better at using Scaler.

Thanks for any insights, ideas, etc. :slight_smile:

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Mostly everything is in the Tutorials section:

AND one of my favorite videos:

And then there is the Shared Chord Sets section:


I use scaler just to hear that sweet felt piano play complex chord pprogressions.

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  1. Most of the time I will start by selecting a scale and colouring it from there. Sometimes it may be dynamic voicing, sometimes I may edit using the circle of fifths or use some of the drop down menus. I love the Voicing Menu and think of it as an unsung hero because the way it voices some of the scales is very typical of the way chords are used in modern music. Of course but less often I will start with a genre or artist based chord set which can just send me into quite a unique direction!
  2. Once I have my chords I try and duplicate them and use an instrument that may have its own little performances or vibes like the session guitarist or a Sonokinetic library. There are lots I use.
  3. This is now informing me of my melodic direction so I may use something like Output Arcade to inspire or veer me off the typical path or even look through Loopmasters Loopcloud to find a melodic or harmonic content I may go for.
  4. Now I am back to scaler to use Melody mode, phrases, keys lock anything to hammer home the vibe and melody.
  5. Now all the elements are in play its time to try and diversify so I may use the Circle of Fifths or one of the many modulation modes to create little sections of diversity
    Basically I use, all or one or a combination of the above thereby using most of scalers features one way or another.

This post was so helpful, I’ve read it at least five times and thought about it away from the DAW. While Scaler was easy to get started with, I realize there’s deeper ways of using it the more I get to know it. I just wanted to thank you with more than a click for sharing this here.

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