Scaler 2.4.0 crashes Ableton live 11

Every time i have a scaler 2.4.0 window open on the second monitor. if I close the window and then
reopen the window Ableton live 11 suite crashes. if I forget to move the window back to the main monitor
and save and exit ableton live. The next time I open the project and try to open scaler Live 11 suite crashes.
Every time scaler tries to open a window on the second monitor it crashes live 11.

I use Live 11 and Scaler (Windows 10 64 Pro) with two monitors (using displayport). I have the live window on one monitor and then open up whichever VST I am working on shown on the left one. I continually open and close them and move the between monitors, but have not seen the behaviour you describe. It makes no difference where the VST was shown on Live exit.

From a position of ignorance of your set up, I think it may be worth looking at project issues, since the above would tend to indicate it’s something other then Live or Scaler per se on dual monitors.

Does it happen with every project, or is it limited to just one ? For example, I had some problems with projects where I had altered VST locations between one edit and the next., which surprised me as it implied the project data had explicit VST locations embedded at the time of saving.

It happens like this.

Open live 11, open scaler on 1st midi track. Move scaler to 2nd monitor, close scaler, try to reopen, live crashes

This is a new install of scaler
Win pro x64 , latest updates of win live & scaler. I have been involved with sonar and just switched to live about a month ago.

I’ve just done that multiple times, and nothing unexpected happens. Logically, that would rule out Scaler and Live (and some Windows quirk) and leave the main variables as the project itself or some weirdness in the video dual display.

Thoughts …

  • have you tried with a project which is blank except for Scaler on a track, i.e. removing any other factors ?
  • which dual monitor desktop management system are you running?
  • what audio / midi interface do you have ?
  • did you get an Ableton dump when it crashed ?

PS: I bought a copy of Cakewalk (which became Sonar, then back to Cakewalk again with Bandlab) in 1995 and always like it. The scripting language was always a good feature. Nostalgia shot follows :roll_eyes:

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Hi @merrikin
One possible reason is when both Scaler instances have keys-lock (green keys for solos) selected, and you hit your keyboard (even inadvertently) to produce a note
It happens to me at least

Small red circle here

other possibilities

Hi @merrikin

we have tried reproducing your issue on different devices with multiple monitors and resolutions but with no success.

Do you have anything else running on your system that could interfere with the plugin window?

You can also try to disable OpenGL rendering from the ScalerSettings application: Manage Default Preferences with ScalerSettings