Bass-lines for Sax-lines

Some days ago I said that basslines can be used to make sax parts and here is a simple sample

the EZbass MIDI was edited a bit, removing mute notes and copy-pasting some of the interesting riffs found

Chords were built in Scaler 2 Simon Scaler.xml (9.6 KB)
The guitar is AAS Strum-GS 2, in Guitar mode and with a MIDI Polysher used to increase octaves
The sax is a free plugin

The song is called Simon Scaler because the starting guitar reminded me a Simon & Garfunkel tune :smile:

Guitar MIDI (use the Guitar mode if you like test it) Strum GS-2 2.mid (19.0 KB)
Bass MIDI EZbass.mid (7.3 KB)


Great idea Claudio, you’re so imaginative!

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Thanks Tim

In Italy, we say: la necessità aguzza l’ingegno
(necessity is the mother of invention)

I don’t have the money to buy a SWAM plugin, nor the skills to use it