Scaler feeding both chords & riffs in AAS Strum-GS 2

WOW, I just found a way to have Scaler feeding chords and riffs in AAS Strum-GS 2 (in the Guitar mode) at the same time, producing interesting sounds… only sometimes clearly :smile:

Al that requires just the MIDI Polysher between, then fumbling with the octave changer

Here is the routing

And here is the whole picture

The trick is moving octaves so that most notes fall in the riff area (far left or far right) and only a few notes fall in the middle area where they trigger chords, and when one of the notes falls over the Strum-GS Stop key (or other rogue keys) you have simply to hidden them with MIDI Polysher

This is BTW the reason why I prefer using MIDI Polysher to manage octaves, instead of the Ableton Live pitch tools

and here is the result of this zero effort test

haha this method is a bomb
tomorrow I’ll complete the 2nd test: a vibe in the Pink Floyd style
you’ll be surprised

@ClaudioPorcellana have you considered doing some “from zero to hero” youtube tutorials with your experiments/reserach? I’m super interested but with screenshots it seems a bit complicated :wink:

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If you find a way to double the daily available time, I’ll do it for sure

But the “from zero to hero” concept is tempting… notably the second part LOL

Now, I am equipped to do that as I have a good webcam and video software; I only have to practice with subtitles etc

The problem is finding the time to do the video-editing, because I often find tricks plucking and fiddling in a Trial and error fashion, so the video must be cut and the video-takes glued together

BTW; I am just in the opposite situation: when I look in a video I usually understand nothing

I do not think anybody remotely sane ever said “the content is pure gold but since it’s unedited I will not watch it” :wink: Come on - deep breath, “geronimo!” and publish unedited :wink:

LOL, I am learning a lot of strange slang terms here

BTW, my job is translating but totally different things, and no slang involved

@lelek yesterday I fought 2 hours against a couple of pieces of software, just to obtain a low-quality video without audio :crazy_face:

Sorry but gaining the needed expertise requires much time that I don’t have

Consider that I work hard, and my scarce spare-time must be shared between nature photography, music composition to relax my mind, and cartoon drawings

For example this Mad DJ…


Or the Yeti

So I will not make a video, but I’ll certainly try to make better written/photographic explanations

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@ClaudioPorcellana, you really don’t have to explain yourself. I’m a product of pre-snowflake era and therefore accept simple “no” as a valid answer :rofl:

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BTW @lelek I am able to make videos, for example below

the problem is that I don’t have the needed tools and experience to record the desktop, that is totally another thing, but in the future who knows?